When your dog attacks in self defense

What a common person understands as playing between the pups in the litter mustn't be seen only as that until the seventh week of life approximately which will be when the pups will be part of his new human family, it isn't convenient to interrupt the continuous interaction between the pups and the mother. During this time the pup is learning in great part the patterns of conduct from which he will have to live in the future relations with other exemplars of its kind. In serious cases of interactive lacking there has been the circumstances of not being able to couple (mounting with reproductive purposes from the female by the male) for not knowing of one of the animals implicated of what the mating rituals previous to the act are.

In the most serious cases, as a consequence of an intention of evasion the dog will escape forward, but it will take a hard work from the owners with the most convenient support from a professional to develop a correct job to hold back its sensitivity and by so to heal the conduct deficiencies presented by the pup: the treatments have to begin as early as possible because there is no best alternative than an early experience.

With little exceptions the self-defensive aggressive reaction is given as a consequence of a combination of limited situations (for the dog and not necessarily for the owner). With the implication in it of a dog grieving with a deficiency conduct. This is the basis of the owners and the professionals work, to understand the first to suffer from this conduct is the dog.

In any of the two suppositions mentioned above, who should be considered as game companions and source of highly positive stimulus our exemplar see them as potential enemies being them human or canine.

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