Your Dog's Diet

Even when in general lines the diets we give to our dogs aren't given much thought, it is undoubted and has been therefore verified in several occasions that the inadequacy or incorrect administration of the same can cause serious body or conduct changes on the animal.

A correct diet must be adequate to each individual (not only with relation to the breed or age). It is a usual practice to administer extra doses of calcium or vitamin compounds in an additional form to the diet. This is so, not only because of the information received from other dog owners about the benefits obtained by it and also by the wrong believe of non-existing secondary negative effects from these applications.

All individual diets must be dictated by professionals veterinarians, who will prescribe the adequate diet to each dog, any extras added can cause an unbalance in the same and annuls part or all of the benefits it can bring.

The idea of making the dog fasten for a day, each fifteen or thirty days, to attain a better functioning of the intestinal tract and by it get a better future assimilation of the nutrients contained in their daily diet, must be banished as an obsolete idea. Nonetheless, on determined cases, and without being incompatible with the above mentioned, it is highly recommended to fraction the daily portions of the dogs food in several doses (incorrect assimilation of nutrients, hyperactive exemplars, etc). Synthesizing as there are no two equal as much as in general lines of conduct or behavior that they can present. Also, there aren't any related to the specific needs that the diet they receive should cover. You mustn't forget that the various aggressive, hyperactive, and depressive conducts, etc, can be originated or strengthened from a simple allergic reaction to some added elements of more serious pathologies that in any case all of them have as a common denominator a disorder in the diet.

  • With all the great variety of food products on sale in the market, this food is specially thought for dogs. They cover all the proteins and vitamins that they need, this makes unnecessary any kind of additional on his usual diet.
  • Giving them a human diet doesn't mean we love our dogs more
  • You mustn't fall in the error of thinking that even if he likes all kinds of food, they are going to benefit their health.

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