Dog Bite

If you have children something you want to avoid at all cost, is them getting a Dog Bite. Unfortunately there are many cases of dogs attacking children which have ended up being really serious and even caused death in many cases. Take all the necessary precautions to inform your children about what to and what not to do in order to avoid Dog Bites. There are many kids who walk back home from school and go by neighborhoods with dogs that are off a leash and kids should learn not to go near them to avoid possible Dog Bites. Here are some of the basic Dog Bite attack and injury prevention safety tips that you can talk about with your children to avoid accidents from occurring. Kids should be taught to not go near unfamiliar dogs. Tell your child to never run from a dog or scream. Tell your kids that if they are ever approached by an unfamiliar dog they should remain still and not move and that if the dog were to knock them down on the ground they should roll into a ball and lie completely still. Children should only be allowed to play with a dog under the full supervision of an adult. Tell your child to let you know if they see a stray dog that is behaving in a strange way. Your child should also know that looking straight into a dog’s eyes is a “no, no”. Direct eye contact with a dog can lead the dog to attack. Tell your children to never disturb dogs that are sleeping, eating or try to play with the puppies of an adult dog. If your child does get a Dog Bite, tell him or her to let you know about it immediately.

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