Dog Bite Insurance

Anyone that has a dog must have dog bite insurance. Unfortunately there are many different types of dog bite insurance and many different companies that offer dog bite insurance and so picking out which company offers the best type of coverage for your dog is often not only tricky but if you don’t choose well you could end up in serious problems and even end up going to jail. Now if your dog bites someone, don't worry if you have homeowners or tenant insurance. Your rates cannot be raised or canceled because of a claim. Insurance rates are regulated by the State Insurance Commissioner. You pay insurance premiums every month to them so you have an iron clad contract with the insurance company. It is a good idea to contact the State Insurance Commissioner who may advise you as to your rights with your own insurance carrier. If your insurance company violates your rights by failing to respond to the claim in a reasonable time frame or unnecessarily cause you to be sued and taken into court litigation, your rights may be violated. If you have dog bite insurance then contact your insurance company right away and follow their instructions explicitly. If you feel that your dog bite insurance company is not taking care of you like they should then you can always contact a lawyer for added assistance. But be careful about doing this as it could cause you more problems with your insurance company but this would depend on what your policy says and for that reason it is best to know this information before something happens and not in the middle of a traumatic event.

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