Dog Bite Lawyer

The other day while looking through some Internet sites I came across this section that asked questions to Dog Bite Lawyers and was about when unfortunate dog bites occur to people. From what I understand the rules and laws according to dog bites varies depending on what state you live in. Getting bit by a dog is not actually a simple thing to deal with, especially in the cases when the dog bite causes considerable damage because it would depend where you were at the moment of the accident and what the circumstances were. Let’s say for example that your neighbor’s dog bites you on your own property. In this case it would not necessarily mean that you would have a legal claim. It would need to be determined whether the state you live in imposes strict liability on dog owners. If this was the case, you might possibly only need to prove that the dog injured you. However, if the state you live in does not have a strict liability law, you might need to prove and show that your neighbor was aware of the fact or knew that the dog had dangerous tendencies before attacking you. When this sort of thing happens there are many people that look into getting a Dog Bite Lawyer as they have the experience in working out these types of ordeals. If a stray dog has bitten you though it will be very difficult to have a legal claim since the municipalities do not take responsibility for stray dogs and you may have to look into assuming the cost of recovery on your own. The best way to avoid getting bit by a dog is not getting near a dog you don’t know.

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