Dog Bite Training

I n the process of Dog Bite Training there is a lot that can be done. It is very common for puppies and new dogs within the house to bite and mouth at the stuff in their house such as the furniture or owners hands etc, especially when they are teething. It is up to the owner to do Dog Bite training in order to prevent serious accidents from happening when the dog grows up. The truth is that most dogs are very sweet, loving and affectionate. Statistics show that there it is only 1 percent of the time will something happen that will cause a dog to bite. Dogs need Bite Training to learn to inhibit their bite instinct before they turn the age of four months. A puppy would generally learn this from their mother and the rest of the pack, but since domestic dogs have owners, this very important job is left up to the owner. Allowing a dog or puppy to socialize with other socialized puppies and dogs is one of the things that can help a puppy to learn to be sociable. Puppies naturally have a need to play and roughhouse with their fellow companions, and during their playtime they will bite and nip at each other. This is when they actually learn to reduce their amount of biting and learn to control themselves. They learn that if they become too aggressive the other dogs will react to it and do the same back. Therefore the dog is able to learn by trial and error and this is something a dog must learn. Not only will socializing help your dog in his Dog Bite Training but it will also help him to not be fearful of other dogs.

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