Dog Breeds that Bite

Since it is true that there are certain dog breeds that bite more often than others you should always carefully consider your pet selection. Puppies should not be obtained on impulse. Before and after selection, your veterinarian is the best source for information about behavior and suitability. Make sure your pet is socialized as a young puppy so it feels at ease around people and other animals. Gradually expose your puppy to a variety of situations under controlled circumstances; continue that exposure on a regular basis as your dog gets older. Even if your dog doesn’t belong to one of the dog breeds that known as a biter you shouldn’t put your dog in a position where it feels threatened or teased. Wait until your child is older. Because so many dog bites happen to young children, it is suggested that parents wait to get a dog until their children are older than 4 years of age. It is also very important that you keep your dog healthy. Have your dog vaccinated against rabies and preventable infectious diseases. Parasite control and other health care is important because how your dog feels directly affects how it behaves. Also it is highly recommended that you neuter your pet. It’s a fact even dog breeds that are biters are 3 times less likely to bite when neutered. You should strive to be a responsible pet owner. License your dog with the community as required. Always obey leash laws. Since dogs are social animals; spending time with your pet is important it has been noted that dogs that are frequently left alone have a greater chance of developing behavior problems. Last but not least be cautious around strange dogs and treat your own pet with respect.

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