Dog Lawyer

A good Dog Lawyer will tell you to interview witnesses that were present when and at the location of a dog bite or attack or as soon as possible after the attack. The quicker you interview witnesses the better it will be because people’s memory fades in time and you need the facts as fresh as possible. Make sure to write down names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the attack. Get a good qualified dog Dog bite Lawyer to represent you and help you with your insurance claim if the dog owner has insurance. Keep in mind that insurance companies are not compassionate or understanding to your injuries and they are looking out for their companies. Their work is to pay as little as they possibly can on your claim, and the problem with this is that it usually only covers the minimal amount of medical care and doesn’t even come anyplace close to what you in reality warrant, so it is vital that you retain a dog lawyer to demand your legal rights as an injured individual. If the dog owner does not happen to have insurance or the insurance policy limits are not enough to cover you claim, the dog owner might be individually liable for the damages his or her dog has inflicted on you. If you are aware that the dog owner acted with spite and caused the accident on purpose, you will most definitely need a Dog Lawyer so that he or she can help you declare and claim your legal rights. A dog bite victim might be entitled to damages and losses from medical bills as well as emotional damage caused to the victim.

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