How to Train Your Dog Not To Bite

One question a lot of people have is How to Train their Dog Not to Bite. Dog biting starts from the same source, which is in the canine behavior. There are different reasons a dog bites and a lot also has to do with age of the dog in the first place. Biting is very vital canine power behavior that is used from the time a puppy is able to move around in its litter. Biting among wild and domestic dogs is used as a form of communication to set up rank inside the pack. The pack may be an extended family of wild dogs, a litter of puppies with its mother, or your pet dog mingling with you and your family. Dogs are able to live well with people because they view all the members of your family unit as pack members. A puppy that bites is something that can be easily changed. When puppies are small though most people don’t try to stop them since they don’t hurt you and they look so cute. However this behavior should be stopped because when the puppy grows it can turn into a big problem that will no longer be considered cute. You should take your puppy to an basic puppy obedience training class to change this habit. In the case of young dogs that bite it is no longer seen as something cute anymore and you will be able to notice the difference of a young dog’s bite. A young dog that does this is making it clear that he wants to lead and the way to handle it is by taking the young dog to an obedience class with a good and qualified trainer. An older dog that bites has turned on his master and must be taken to a specialized trainer.

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