New York Dog Bite Lawyer

New York Dog Bite Lawyers will be able to inform you on the dog bite laws in New York in the case you or someone in your family suffers an injury due to a dog attack or a dog bite. Animal experts consider most dog bite attacks preventable and avoidable. If a dog has gotten appropriate training and socialization, it is pretty improbable that the dog will show aggression without being provoked. Dog owners are in charge of giving appropriate training to their dogs to help avoid dog bites and attacks, however there are also things that an innocent person can do to reduce the risk of being seriously injured, or even killed, in a dog attack. There are some tips that people should be aware about to help protect and keep them from becoming a victim of a dog bite or dog attack. Firstly, never go near or approach a dog you do not know. There are many dogs that feel threatened when a stranger approaches them and may react in a violent way. Don’t get near a dog that is on a chain, on a leash or in a vehicle. If you are near a dog that does not know you yet, allow the dog to smell and see you before trying to pet it or touch it. It is also very important to never bother a dog that is eating, playing with a toy or taking care of its puppies. If a dog is threatening you, make sure to not run because the dog will chase after you. If you or someone in your family has been the victim of a vicious dog attack, contact a New York Dog Bite Lawyer, as he or she will be able to inform you about dog bite laws in New York.

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