Picture of Dog Bite

Having a Picture of a Dog Bite is one of the things that is fundamental when facing a dog bite trial. There are several things a dog bite victim can do to protect his or her rights such as identifying the dog, which might (in some cases) require a DNA sample and in which case you will need to get an attorney. Get the name, address of the owner and license information of the dog. If there were any witnesses you might also want to get down their information. If you cannot find your witnesses go back to the place you got bit several times just in case you are able to locate a witness. Take a Picture of the Dog Bite wound and of any bruises or blood on your clothing and try to get the insurance information on the dog owner. If you need a lawyer to help you out get him or her while the process is still going on. Remember that the claim you have needs to be proved and the extent of any injuries need to be established. Even though the facts and injuries might be very obvious to you, they will not be obvious to an insurance adjuster sitting at a desk in an office building a few weeks or months after the attack. Besides this, a doctor will be more interested in healing you than showing the nature and degree of your injuries to an insurance company, so the correct records should be demanded from them at the correct times. Your lawyer will get the needed proof and watch your health treatment, so that the insurance adjuster will recognize precisely what occurred, and give you an adequate figure of cash, if possible.

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