Training a Dog Not to Bite

Training a dog not to bite is not always as easy as it might sound. After all dogs are not humans and they do not respond to situations in a human like manner. For example someone entering a dog’s territory or personal space is bound for trouble. And it doesn't even have to be actually within the dog's terra firma. All dogs possess a "personal space" that extends beyond their skin and coat to varying distances depending upon the "social rank" of the dog within its own "pack." Submissive or very docile dogs may only have a personal space of a few inches and even this space can often be violated without dire consequences. But then there is always that one in a thousand instances where an otherwise gentle pet will cut loose on an encroaching human. Training a dog not to bite that is more aggressive can even be more of a challenge since dominant or aggressive dogs are far more volatile, having personal spaces that extend for many feet beyond their physical position. Anyone or anything that penetrates this area is subject to immediate attack. Then there is the seemingly strange fact that dogs sometimes bite simply because they don't like someone. This may be hardly an acceptable excuse to the distraught dog's owner, but usually there is a very significant reason -- for the dog -- why the pet does not want this person around. It could be a certain smell or the dog's detection of some feeling or emotion on the part of the visitor. Dogs, like many animals, quickly pick up on human emotions of animosity, fear, or otherwise unsociable attitudes. Indeed, the dog's capacity in this to sense and feel human emotion and intention is absolutely incredible.

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