Treat a Dog Bite

The very best way to treat a dog bite is by washing it out with warm water and soap. First wash the affected area with fresh warm water and soap and then apply a local antiseptic and antibacterial medication. If the bite is bleeding then you will need to treat the dog bite in a different manner. The first thing that you will need to do if a dog bite is bleeding is stop the bleeding. You can do this by applying pressure to the bite area and waiting for the bleeding to stop. Once the bleeding has stopped you will then need to wash and treat the bite area. Of course all dog bites that penetrate the skin need to be checked by a doctor and also the dog needs to be checked for rabies. A dog that has rabies can pass this deadly disease to another person by biting them. This is also true for other animals so if one of your pets gets bitten it is also important to take them for a check up at a veterinarian clinic so that they can be sure to do a test for rabies. This is also why it is important that all pet receive their anti-rabies vaccinations when they are still young so that they will have the protection that they need from this horrible and deadly disease. As I mentioned earlier rabies is one of the diseases that affects both man and animal, so it is never a good idea to take any animal or dog bite lightly. Treat the dog bite right away and then go for a check up at your local clinic as soon as possible. If your dog bit you then you will also want to talk with your veterinarian to avoid any future repercussions.

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