What to do if Your Dog Bites You

If y ou have been bitten by your own dog it can be a frightening experience and it is something that can leave you shocked and confused. What should you do if your dog bites you is the title of a book that I recently read and one that I found both helpful and informative. Besides being shocking and frightening for you the fact that your dog bit you can actually leave your dog shocked and frightened as well and if you don’t handle the situation well for the both of you it could cause a permanent scar on your relationship as a human and canine. Dogs are not creatures that act out of spite or malice and they don’t harbor bitterness waiting for the perfect moment to attack you (like some other animals do) so if your dog bites you then you really need to look for the reason and try to understand what happened and what went wrong. It is possible that you are to blame for your dog biting you or it is possible that someone else or something else is responsible. It is also possible that it is just a case of mistaken identity and that your dog bit you completely by accident without intending to injure you at all. This last case scenario often happens when a dog is playing or sleeping or has become hard or sight or hearing due to an advanced age. You should never lash out at your dog for biting you as it may very well have what it feels is a perfectly good reason for biting you and if it doesn’t then it might feel so after you have lashed out angrily at it.

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