Deadly Diseases

Diseases that can kill your dog: There are lots of diseases caused by bacteria and virus that originate the death of thousands of dogs every year. The most common ones, the ones that affect dogs of all ages and sizes but especially puppies, are infectious hepatitis, Rubarth disease (Adenovirus 1 and 2), coronavirus, leptospirosis, distemper, infectious parvovirus and kennel's cough, aprt from rabies; there are vaccines for all these diseases on the market. Therefore, it is pretty much the obligation of every individual owner to periodically take their dogs to be vaccinated.

Main disease symptoms: Whenever you notice your dog is lethargic, or in a deep sleep for long periods and inactive; or he is suffering strong abdominal pains; maybe he has pus-infected discharges in the eyes and nose, suffers diarrhea (with or without blood, with a strong smell and somewhat orange, yellow or dark); he might be vomiting a lot or having spasms, high temperature, excessive thirst or constant need to urinate; in all these cases you must suspect of a serious disease. Many of these diseases advance so fast that you cannot wait around to see what happens, instead you must immediately consult the veterinarian and give him a complete description of the events up until that moment; in some cases, it might even be necessary to take urine and defecation samples so that it can be urgently analyzed. Most of the diseases mentioned above can attack dogs of all ages; however, puppies are usually more prone to getting them, as well as those dogs who haven't been properly vaccinated and regularly revaccinated; except, of course, there has been the case of a "mutation" of the virus.

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