Dog Breeder Directory

If you are looking into getting a dog and need a dog breeder, instead of looking through a Dog Breeder Directory or the newspaper classified ads, the ideal would be to locate one by going to an area kennel club since they wDog Kennelsill have a lot of good information on the good local breeders in your area. There are usually obedience training clubs in local areas as well that can also provide a lot of useful information on good dog breeders, and of course, veterinarians, dog groomers, boarding kennel operators etc will also be able to give you direction. The problem with looking through a Dog Breeder Directory or using newspapers classified adds is that there are simply too many dog breeders that do this job for the cash and not because they are truly interested in the breed. Unqualifdog houseied dog breeders will breed defective dogs since they don't know anything about the genetics of breeds and in the end the owners and the dog itself will suffer tremendously. As a matter a fact there are few, very few, reputable dog breeders that advertise themselves in Dog Breeder Directories or in newspaper classified adds. Good and reputable dog breeders don't even need to do this because they hOutdoor Dog Runsave so much business as it is. Once a good dog breeder is known about, most people will go to them and they have contacts with kennel clubs, local obedience training clubs, veterinarians, dog groomers etc who take care of recommending them. Believe it or not, some of the best and most reputable dog breeders have dog placed years in advance. So even though it might take some time to get a good dog from a reputable dog breeder, in the end it is worth it.
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