Dog Breeders

Part of a responsible Dog Breeder's job is to answer the questions of the people interested in getting a dog, not sale puppies with defects, allow the female dogs to recover enough time in between breeding times, and accept puppies back when pet owners change their minds (which sometimes happens). Good Dog Breeders are interested in breeding dogs because they admire certain breeds and want to help make the breed better. Dog Breeders will guarantee their puppies do not have any generic diseases, which are common in their breed and will take back a puppy if a disease does happen to come up. Good Dog BreederOutdoor Dog Kennels consider the puppies they breed their responsibility for the rest of their lives and they will follow up on the puppy every once in awhile to see that it is being well taken care of. Good Dog Breeders will also evaluate the puppies as show and breeding or pet quality and sell the puppies with a spay and neuter contract. Pet quality puppies are puppies that are not deficient but that do not necessarily meet the breed standard of color, size, coat type, head type, bone structure, etc. In the cases of dogs like this for example, a lot of Dog Breeders will sell the puppies at a lower price and those that are show puppies at a higher price. If you are looking for a good Dog Breeder, one good place to find information is in your local kennel club. Another good place you can find good Dog Breeders are in obedience training clubs in your area and of course veterinarians, pet groomers, pet supply stores, boarding kennel operators etc will also be able to give you a lot of good information on the subject.

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