International FCI Breeding Rules

The international breeding rules of the FCI are quite long; however I will mention the main parts:

Transportation and Maintenance of the Bitch: It is recommended that the owner of the bitch or a person whom he can rely on takes the bitch to and from the male. If a bitch is boarded for several days by the agent of the stud dog, the owner of the bitch will be financially responsible for feeding costs, boarding fees, if necessary veterinary care and any damage to the residence or kennel of the stud dog agent as well as return transportation costs.

Liability: According to the laws of the different countries, the person boarding and taking care of an animal is held legally responsible for any damage caused to third parties during that period.

Death of the Bitch: If the bitch dies while in the custody of the stud dog agent, the latter will undertake to have the death and the cause of it certified by a veterinary surgeon.

Selection of the Stud Dog: The stud dog agent is obliged to mate the bitch only with the dog referred to in the contract. Should this stud dog be unable to mate, no other dog may be substituted without the prior consent of the owner of the bitch. In any case, it is forbidden to mate the bitch with more than one stud dog during the same oestrus cycle.

Accidental Breeding: In the event that the bitch is unintentionally mated by a dog different from the one agreed upon, the stud dog agent who has the bitch under his custody must notify and reimburse the bitch's owner for all the expenses resulting from this accidental breeding.

Stud Service Certification
The stud dog agent will declare, in writing, on a stud service certificate, that the mating took place with the agreed stud dog. By his signature, he certifies that he was an eye-witness of this mating.

Payment of Stud Fee: The owner of the stud dog may refuse to sign the stud service certificate before the stud fee which was agreed has been paid. He is not permitted, however, to hold back the bitch as security.

The Bitch Remains Barren: After a mating has been correctly performed, the stud dog is considered to have fulfilled its duty and the stud dog owner is therefore entitled to the agreed stud fee.

Artificial Insemination: Artificial insemination is not to be used on animals which have not reproduced naturally before. In the event the bitch is to be artificially inseminated, the veterinary surgeon collecting the stud dog's sperm must provide a written certificate to the organization which keeps the stud book with which the litter must be registered stating that the fresh or frozen sperm was indeed produced by the agreed stud dog. In addition, the stud dog agent has to give, free of charge, the documents to the owner of the bitch.

Transfer of Breeding Rights – Lease Agreement: As a rule, the owner of the bitch at the time of the mating is considered to be the breeder of the litter.

Stud Book Registration of a litter: In the absence of other agreements, the new owner of a pregnant bitch automatically becomes the breeder of the expected litter. Each dog bred in and registered with a FCI member country or contract partner is to be provided with permanent and falsification-proof identification; this identification is to appear on its pedigree.

Breeding Rules for the Member Countries: The breeding regulations of the member countries and contract partners can go beyond those of the FCI in their requirements, but may not be (inconsistent) in conflict with the FCI International Breeding Regulations.

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