Modern Dog Breeding: Man and Dog Nowadays

Nowadays, thousands of years after this association began, it is more than demonstrated by means of scientific studies promoted by ethologists (a zoologist who studies the behavior of animals in their natural habitats), psychologists, historians, dog kennel libraries etc. that there are more than enough reasons to justify the usefulness of dogs in modern society. It is known that when dogs accompany sick people through their tough times, they many times get better sooner; is also known today collaborate in the insertion of physically and psychically impaired people into their society, as well as improving the quality of life of patients with terminal illnesses and that, even, people who live with a dog are less likely to suffer from a heart attack. Besides, it is edited that dogs are important instruments in the labor of finding and rescuing disaster victims. Plus, they're excellent drug and explosive detectors (obviously with specific training), house guards, et cetera.

And, and it's perfectly clear that 2000 years ago man started a slow but determining "specialization" of different dogs for different purposes, never before has there been so many different breeds, which are well above 350 recognized breeds all over the world, not to mention the other is that still haven't been officially recognized. All this has been possible thanks to the passionate labor of different people around the world, some on a personal basis, others working with a team, that have call a leave their efforts, work and love towards dogs, given way to the creation of so many breeds. Those who have made it possible for us to distinguish in between utility, hunting, company and sports dogs are pure-bred breeders.

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