What makes the female dog so special?

Considerations about her character: Anybody who lives with a dog couple, is well aware of the main differences between a male and female, as far as character and behavior are concerned and they know, besides, that both complement each other in a spectacular way. This does not mean that they both have to be the same breed, size or other common characteristic. However, those other people who are in the precise moment of having to choose between one or the other, usually, when the thought that females are more "complicated" to have at home, do it at a simple fact that they enter a heat once or twice a year, forgetting all the good and positive thing they offer in exchange.

Females, due to their sexual conditions, are generally smaller and thus more manageable than males, likewise weighing some kilos more. They are, as well, more obedient and more dependent on the owners, showing a special preference for children, being much more patient with them than male dogs. They reach physical and mental immaturity and a younger age, which is easily recognizable in big-sized breeds (e.g. Rottweiler, Bullmastiff, German Dogo, Saint Bernard, Terranova, etc.), which is why it is easier for them to obey the basic norms of education, even starting at the ripe young age of four to five months. They also give them the sense of guard earlier whereas males take much longer to be "convinced". This is even more evident when you have to consider specifically training a dog for guard or defense duties, as well as for a company people who will have visual, hearing, mental or physical impairments. Dog Kennels, and it is precisely for this reason that, given a choice, Tamers in any of the previously mentioned situations prefer to teach females, because they know beforehand that their work will bring about quicker and more positive results. There is, besides, another good reason for this: a general rule, female dogs of any size and breed are less dominant -- there are rare exceptions, of course, which I will talk about later and which have to do with hormonal processes -- then males.

And, as if this were not enough, females do not have the habit of marking their territory raising their leg in almost any corner, tree, etc.... or even on the pants of a friend (whose female dog is circumstantially in heat) who decides to drop by for a visit. In the same way, they don't tend to disappear for many days and roam around the neighborhood trying to trace the female dog that is in heat like male dogs do.

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