Airedale Terrier Breed Origins and Caracteristics

The breed was born in the valley of Aire in Yorkshire. As a result of cross-breeding the Old English Terrier with the Otterhound and the Welsh Harrier, a dog called "Broken-haired Terrier" was gotten. The type of origin is not homogeneous regarding size and color. Until 1884 the first standard was not establish; the selective breeding was uniformed on this basis. The Airedale was used as a hunting dog, especially for otters. But the breeders rapidly recognized its multiple qualities and they made them work as a police, mail or sanitary dog.

In Europe, before the First World War, this dog was one of the most used for these services. It participated in the repression of the boxers' uprising in China in 1900. Nowadays, the Airedale is not used for hunting, but its qualities are used to be trained as an auxiliary dog.

In the Soviet Union, the experts have created an especially breed destined to the army, from the Airedale. The Russian black Terrier, as this breed was called, has two branches. The ancestors of the first branch derive from the Airedale and the giant schnauzer; the second was born from the giant schnauzer and the rottweiler. From the first crossing, the new breed inherited its aggressiveness and the second its calm. The result is a well-balanced dog, with lively reactions, loyal and aggressive with strangers.

Airedale (1). Size: male 58-62 cm; female 56-59 cm. The weight must correspond to the size and the type; it weighs approximately 20 kg.

Colors: the head and ears are tan, except some black marks in certain zones of the cranium. The ears are darker. The limbs are tan up to the thighs; the body is black or mixed with dark gray. The Airedale hair should be prepared for exhibitions. The back hair is shaved, the back of the neck, the ears, the neck, the back and the tail, so that the external skin is shown. The transition between the cut zones and the non-cut zones must be unnoticeable.

Black Russian Terrier (2). Size: male 66-72 cm; female 64-70 cm. Weight: 40 kg approximately. Colors: black with a light touch of gray. On the neck the hair can form a collar.

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