Bathing Tips

What normally occurs
Most dogs never take baths.

  • When they do take baths, they do it with an inadequate frequency (too often or hardly ever).
  • Shampoos and/or soaps that are intended for human use are used on dogs, sometimes even detergents or dish wash soaps are used .
  • The same kind of shampoo is used for all dogs, regardless of the kind of hair and skin.
  • The use of topical solutions based on basic pH need to the easy growth of bacteria and the acid solutions can be irritating.

Consequence: the physiology of the skin and hair is altered with a deterioration of the external aspect of the dog and of the normal functioning of certain structures, causing dermal problems.

What should be done:

  • Dogs should be bathed between once a month to once every three months, depending on the breed. During summer, you can bathe your dog up to once a week.
  • Don't use products that can counter than normal physiology of the skin and hair.
  • Use a physiological shampoo that has been formulated to respect the normal conditions of different kinds of hair.
  • In all the cases in which the climatologic or hygienic conditions require baths more frequently, use a shampoo that is very soft on their hair.

Respect the physiology of every kind of skin, avoiding the predisposition to dermatologic problems.


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