Between Three Months Old And A Year

Until the puppy is one year old, he can suffer serious growth stunts due to an interruption in his food schedule, for example if he stops eating for a couple of days. Therefore, until he's a year old, you must follow a strict control on everything related to his diet.

As the puppy gets older, you can go adding more kinds of foods. As of the fourth or fifth month you can start including vegetables, like boiled spinach, chard, etc. which mixed with the other ingredients provide a good and tasty dish. It is not good for dogs to consume a lot of salt; its use should be scarce, yet not non-existent. The same thing goes for sugar, which, yes, is necessary in a minor proportion, you must not overdo it.

Starting with the fifth month, at midday, along with the regular food, administer a spoonful of cod liver oil. Dogs really like this and the good thing is that it is a very powerful body cleanser.

You must keep on making sure that your puppy doesn't hang around sick dogs or dogs that are not well taken care of, as if they are in bad company, the only thing you can expect our parasites, fleas and ticks, and in large quantities.

Although dogs, around for five months old, are physically more robust than other animals, you mustn't submit them to long walks, and you will only cause problems to their balanced development. It after having spent a day out in the field, and your dog has been in company of other dogs or children and he has run around a lot, when arriving home, he is tired, let him rest for little while before gay him any food, after which you should let him rest all night until the following day. And most, you can take him out for a short walk before putting him to sleep.

Encourage the members of your house to play with the dog and show him affection, but it is important that they all know how important is to bear in mind all the details so that you can have a healthy and strong dog.

Around the fourth month, puppies start teething, and the teeth which they will have for the rest of their lives start to appear.

It's not criticizable to wait until the puppies are five months old before taking them to your house. Some people think that if you remove a puppy from his mother's and brothers' side, and he will miss them too much. This is not true! A conscious breeder does not live with his dogs because he wants the puppies to be emotionally attached to only one owner or a family. Therefore, if you buy a puppy at five months of age there's basically no difference that if you buy it at two months of age.

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