Bull Terrier Breed Origins and Caracteristics

This breed appeared as the result of crossing the English bulldog and different terriers. Later, other dog breeds intervened to define the breed. The bull terrier was raised for fighting. Therefore the dog is required to be calm, brave, independent, have solid teeth, quick attack and good resistance to pain. The bull terrier is a strong and confident dog, which in order to be educated needs a firm and strong hand. But once it has been educated, it is a loyal, confident and nice companion with all the members of the family, it is affectionate with children. It does not intervene in fights with other dogs, but if it is provoked, it attacks without piety. From their terrier ancestors, it had inherited the qualities of a hunter, so it can be used both for following a trail and hunting a wild boar.

The Staffordshire bull terrier which is a similar but bigger dog is also raised together with the bull terrier for competition. It is even more similar to the original type. When dog fighting was prohibited in England in 1835, the popularity of these dogs reduced and the breed was to the point of extinction. In 1935, some experts worked to save it. It is said that this breed is tougher, braver and more solid than the bull terrier. In England, its popularity is growing and this dog is seen more and more every time in Europe. It is easier to take care of a bull terrier but it has the disadvantage: it requires physical exercise.

Bull Terrier. Size: 40-55 cm. Weight: 20-30 kg. There are two groups based on the color. The white specimens must be pure white, the color patches are authorized only on the head and the front ears. In colored dogs, the second color must prevail over the white (1). The straw-colored specimens are preferred. The bull terrier hair is short and grows in layers on the smooth skin. The eyes are narrow, oblique, triangular, black or brown and as dark as possible. The head is characteristic: its profile must be curved. The more aquiline is the side of the nose the better.

Staffordshire bull terrier (2). Size: male 46-48 cm; female 43-46 cm. Weight: 18 kg approximately. All the colors are authorized: red, yellow, white, black, grayish blue, two-color, straw-colored or any combination of these colors with white.

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