Dogs and Children

When you decide to have a dog in your house, the presence of small children shouldn't be a point against. Children and dogs are almost always big friends, especially if they live together since childhood. Dogs are usually very patient with the younger ones, with the exception of the older dogs, who are not interested in making new friends and get exasperated when a child jumps on top of them or pulls on their tails. Children must understand that dogs are not toys, but living beings, and that they mustn't bother them when they are eating or when they are sleeping. They must also not allow the dog to lick their face or hands.

As for the dog, you have to teach him to look after the children and to measure his strength when he plays with them, especially if the dog is big or rowdy, because he could easily scratch or hurt your children.

Besides, it is good to teach your children to not pet stranger dogs. Teach them also to respect the general rules of cleanliness in relation to animals.

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