Eczema Doesn't Even Respect The Full-Breed Dog

Eczema is one of the diseases that most commonly affect dogs. This disease doesn't discriminate breed or pedigree. It is an inflammatory state which is characterized by the reddening of the skin, the appearance of gall bladder and the formation of scabs. It is generally the consequence of self intoxications of gastrointestinal origin and the symptoms include intense pruritus (itching sensation), cutaneous exudations and injuries that occur when the dog scratches continuously.

The disease, which is more frequent in older dogs, is usually quite long-lasting. Besides the already mentioned causes, eczema can also be due to the lack of skin hygiene, flea or tick bites, washing the dog with irritating soap, the lack of vitamins or due to an allergy. If the eczema is acute, it is possible to get rid of it in a matter of days, but if it takes a longer course, it isn't that easy to eliminate, especially during summer and in older, heavier dogs. The general and localized treatment must be indicated by the veterinarian, who will keep the dog in observation.

Anyway, when the dog is sick, it is important that he follow a diet without meat, but instead only give him white fish (without fins), rice, vegetables, a little fresh cheese, some bread and milk.

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