French Bulldog Breed Origins and Caracteristics

Since many years the origin of this breed has been discussed, was it born in France or England? It seems that it comes from the cross of mastiffs with English bulldogs. In Paris, the owners of mastiffs liked to see how their dogs faced in fights and they wanted to have smaller and more agile specimens they created the bulldog that we know now. The English state that the bulldog descends from the toy Bulldog that the weavers had introduced in Normandy in 1850. In any case, the FCI has recognized that the breed has French origin.

The French bulldog is an intelligent, wide awaken dog that loves children. It does not bark much, so that it can perfectly live in the city, in an apartment but it needs a lot of exercise. Have a bulldog means having problems: it does not stand the heat well; its snout is small which causes it respiratory problems. The puppies have a bigger head and that is why its birth is not simple; the intervention of a veterinarian is often necessary. Despite everything, the French bulldog is appreciated as a pet dog and guard dog. Its cheerful and mischievous character makes it the king of the house.

Size: 25-34 cm. The weight must never be less than 8 kg or more than 14 kg. There are two types of hair: stripped (1), a mixture of black and red hair not too dark (a bit of white on the head and the chest is also authorized), or quail (2) with stripped patches on a white background. The eyelids and the eyelashes of two types must be black. The face must not be colorless. It is very weird to find pure white specimens but their eyelids and eyelashes must be black. The nose must always be black and wide. The nostrils must be well-opened. It is not desirable that they have a closed nose because they snore strongly. The hair must be short and straight, with good texture. The tail is short from birth; it is thick, twisted and fine in the tip. It must be kept in line with the back.

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