Healthy Puppy

Verify preferably with the help of an experienced breeder if the external characteristics of the puppy correspond to the standards (teething, color, etc.). In some breeds, some characteristics change with age. Before deciding, try to obtain these data and get help from this book too.

Before taking the puppy, everything must be prepared so that it can get used to its new home. At first, keep the puppy inside the house, although later it will live in a kennel or in the garden. The puppy must have its own place to sleep and rest. All the dogs like to have a roof under their heads; keep a covered place when possible although it is not absolutely necessary. A strong mat with a washable cover is generally very useful. For the small pet dog breeds there are some very appropriate baskets in the pet stores. Try also a leash, collar, food plate, etc and do not forget some toys. If the dog has one, you will prevent in a certain way that the dog breaks things at home. The instruments to take care of the dog are also indispensable. A dog that has been well looked after shows how the master is. At first, a groomer or comb will be enough, later you may complete these tools with what you want and the dog breed requires. Do not wash the puppies; later, limit the baths strictly to what is necessary in order to not degrease the hair uselessly and allow it to nourish. For the baths, use a shampoo for children or a special soap for dogs, rub well the dog and let it dry, use a hair drier, consider the following indications:

Body temperature (taken from their backside)


(for some breeds such as the hairless dogs)


Pulsations per minute:

puppy until a year old


Adult dog


Old dog (older than 7 years)


Breathing frequency per minute (while resting)



Adult dog


Old dog


If you have any doubts about the animal's health condition, take it to the veterinarian. It is convenient to choose a veterinarian from the beginning so that she will get to know the dog well and can advice you better.
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