How To Administer Medication

It is important to know how to administer medicine to your dog as you will most probably be faced with the need many times throughout your dog's life. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to learn how it is done.

Let's first look at the liquid medicines, which are the ones that are the most difficult to administer, especially for newbies. Excluding the ones that can be mixed in with the food and, therefore, don't cause problems, the liquid medicines are administered by raising one of the animal's lips and pouring the liquid slowly into the bag that is formed in between the teeth and lip of the lower jaw. The dog will immediately swallow the liquid even though it might not taste that good, without trying to spit it out. The first few times you can ask another member of your family to help you out: one of you prepares the "bag" and the other one maneuvers the spoon.

The habit of opening the dog's mouth by force constitutes a dangerous mistake. With that system you run the risk of suffocating the dog and besides, especially in the case of puppies, you can provoke a pneumonia which almost always leads to fatal consequences.

Pills, on the other hand, are easier to administer. They can be dissimulated inside a piece of bread or meat. You can also open the dog's mouth and place the pill in the back part of the tongue, keeping his mouth shut so that he can swallow the pill. Remember that dogs are clever and they sometimes fool you into thinking that they have swallowed the pill although they still have it concealed in their mouth, ready to spit it out as soon as you turn around. So, keep an eye on them.

Medicines that come in drops or powder are the easiest as you simply mix them into the milk or broth.

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