How To Choose The Desired Puppy?

Once you have decided on the breed, it is time to look for the puppy. There are many people who don't have any idea where to go in order to buy the puppy of the desired breed. In almost every big city there is an office of the Central Canine Society, or at least a representative, who you can turn to if you need any information regarding the current prices, according to the breed and age. As you are most probably not experienced with puppies, it is not good idea to buy a puppy that is under two months old.

Don't be fooled into thinking that a dog with a pedigree will be tomorrow's champion. Remember that a champion is a champion because it has been trained to be one; nevertheless, the pedigree is an important factor.

Usually when you go to the breeder's house with the purpose of buying a puppy, you already have in mind either a male or female; in general, females are more sensitive, they enter the heat twice a year, and is necessary to keep them isolated from unexpected male visitors.

Males, on the other hand, are more active and run away from the house more easily in search for a bitch in heat. Therefore, in general terms, it is difficult to say which is better. Obviously if you won't be able to keep a good eye on your dog and as it will be running wild in the fields, in order to avoid unwanted descendents in your house, it is preferable to choose a male.

After having resolved these minor details, and you're already at the breeder's house, she will show you the litter and you will notice lots of little puppies, of different sizes, around the mother. In three-hitter there is usually one puppy that is less developed than the rest; it is also common that there is one that is much more developed and the others. With a proper diet, when the underdeveloped puppy is in the warmth of your house, you can compensate, partially or totally, the difference. Generally, the bigger more than that of dog owes its size to the fact that it is closer to the mother and has more opportunities of breast-feeding, meanwhile the smaller one is probably shy, and is not allowed to get close to the mother (by his brothers of course). It is, therefore, not good to make predictions about which one will be the strongest, healthiest and most beautiful, as many times these qualities are not known from the beginning. Faced with this dilemma, it is probably most advisable to decide on the average sized puppy.

Pay special attention to the puppy's behavior and temperament, making sure that the puppy is happy and cheerful, as at this age a great sorrow can be a symptom of a disease.

Once you have chosen the puppy, you must find out what kind of vaccinations the puppy needs, as well as the vaccination schedule (revaccination), which is necessary during the first months of life.

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