How to Choose Your Best Friend

Whether you like it or not, it's a good idea to let the dog breeder choose the dog for you. This has actually become a common practice and a lot of dog owners appreciate it. The ancient idea of following what your heart says is simply a romantic idea of what is right for you. But in order for you to get the appropriate dog, it is important that you let the dog breeder know what you want the dog for. If you are simply looking for a companion dog, the dog breeder isn't going to sell you a super show dog. Besides, it is within the interest of the dog breeder to sell a show dog to a person that intends to use the dog for such as this will let the community become aware of the prestige of the dog breeder. All of the awards given in a dog show all count towards the prestige of a dog breeder. If you are looking into getting a guard dog, or a dog that will compete in obedience shows, the dog breeder will know the subtle differences of character and personality and is better prepared to recommend which of the puppies is more suitable for you. The problem comes in when the future owner is preoccupied on the color of the dog, not on it's personality. There are many owners that just want a black Labrador or a golden whippet and unfortunately this does not favor the breed. A lot of these prejudices are not just formed by enthusiasts with color preferences but by blind judges that only prefer certain colors in certain breeds. This is why it is very important that the breeder commits to choosing the best puppy and lets the owner know why. If you are the type of person that does not have prejudices and have an open mind, good for you, this is the first stage to becoming a good dog owner.

Finding a dog breeder that breeds a specific type of dog, or even a popular breed should not be a difficult thing to do. The best thing is to call up an animal society and find out about the different dog breeders in your area. Animal societies can even help you choose ad find the best qualities of the breed you are looking for. If you are looking for a rare breed though, keep in mind that you might be put on a waiting list, and sometimes these can take quite awhile, even years. All good things are worth waiting for though. Besides, you're looking for your future best friend, so be patient.

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