Hygiene, Care and Precaution

If you pick up a half-breed or mutt dog, you must take some elementary precautions. As you hardly know anything about the new animal, you will need to take the dog to a veterinarian. Many people, especially if they're not in a good economical condition, refuse to visit the veterinarian. These visits don't necessarily cost a lot, and, who knows, maybe the veterinarian notices or understands the economical condition of the client and decides to make a discount. This occurs especially when the veterinarian has a real, honest love for animals.

The veterinarian can give her opinion abut the animal, the generic breed it belongs to, the age, and the state of health. The virtues and defects of the animal's character (usually the virtues are more than the defects) will become noticeable with time, when the initial fright or nervousness has dissipated, when the dog realizes that he has a roof to be under, a home and a family that cares.

It will also be necessary to bathe the dog well. You can certainly do this a t home in a tub, but it is better to do it in a canine salon, where they will not only know how to proceed in the case of a rough reaction, but they will also know how to use the right amount of disinfectants in order to destroy all the parasites that he might have acquired during his life as a vagabond. Finally, you must bear in mind that an adult dog may be used to running around freely and, for that reason, it is not always easy for them to get used to the confines of an apartment and to a collar and leash. And sometimes, if he has a garden to run around in, he will heed the call of nature and will start digging holes around the trees and might even jump over the fence in search for a little freedom.

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