Ibizan Hound

In the Mediterranean region, we find a whole group of tracker dog breeds that are very similar to the dogs represented on the walls of Egyptian tombs. The Phoenicians were supposed to bring them from Africa and were introduced in Mediterranean Europe, where this village worked in commerce very actively.

The Ibizan Hound come from the Ibizan Islands, Formentera, Mallorca, Menorca and the Catalan coast. They are used alone or in small packs to hunt hares, rabbits or birds. There are two types: the ones with hard hair and straight hair.

The Portuguese Hound looks very alike. It is found in Portugal, where it is raised in three varieties of different sizes, the biggest one is used for large game hunting and the smallest one for hare and rabbit hunting. We can distinguish the short-haired and hard-haired specimens.

The Cirneco of Etna is an ancient breed of tracker dogs that derives from the Roman shrewd dogs. They are found only in Sicily, which had helped the breed keep very pure, without any special characteristics. After the Second World War, a group of enthusiasts dedicated to the breeding of this interesting and very ancient breed.

Ibizan Hound (1) Size: 60-66 cm; female is a bit smaller. Weight: 19-23 kg. Colors: white with patches or a red, white with sandy patches, white one-color, reddish brown or sandy (light tawny).

Portuguese Hound. Size: depending on the type: 55-70 cm, 50-55 cm, 20-30. Weight: depending on the type: 25-30 kg, 15-20 kg, 10 kg. Colors: doe yellow (2), grayish black, both one-color as in combination with white.

Cirneco of Etna (3). Size: male 46-50 cm, female 42-46 cm. Weight: 8-12 kg. Colors: all the varieties of red, sandy to dark reddish grey-brown, one-color or with white on the head, neck, feet, abdomen, and the tip of the tail are accepted. White and white with orange patches or white with a red coat are accepted.

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