If The Dog Is Ugly, It Doesn't Matter

More often than not, nature gives most dogs balanced proportions, vivacious fur colors, exceptional sympathy and remarkable intelligence. That's why it is easy for us to fall in love with these privileged examples; all you need to do is look at them. However, there are times when puppies are born with abnormal proportions and – let's say this in a low voice – honestly very ugly.

The bad thing is that the lack of appeal becomes more evident when the dog is no longer a puppy – usually puppies are always cute and tender. So, what happens? If the puppy had already gotten used to the warmth of a home, he might be in for a surprise if his masters start to show signs of disgust or pity towards him. Sad to say, many people even get rid of these kinds of dogs, and they have a hard time getting used to life on the streets or in their new environment.

Remember that the most important qualities in a dog are not the external ones but the internal ones, the ones that are related to the dog's capacity of giving affection, of being sincere, of gratitude, of loyalty, etc. When a dog is ugly, you have to look inside and bring to light all the good qualities. This is not sentimentalism; it's not always easy to find those qualities, but if you have a sincere desire to love your dog you will be able to find the qualities.

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