If The Puppy Comes From A Protection Society

Sometimes the budget does not allow for a full-bred dog. If this is your case and, instead, you have decided to turn to a protection society, try to choose a healthy puppy; in the ease places diseases like distemper, hepatitis and others are very common (sad to say, many people abandon their dogs because they are sick). If you do not have any other dog at home, there isn't a risk of the new dog becoming infected; however, if you do have another dog, adopt the necessary precautions so that there won't be any problems.

In order to avoid such risks, when you pick up a puppy from the protection society, the most logical thing to do is to, immediately and before arriving home, take the puppy to the veterinarian, to whom you will explain all the details regarding where the puppy comes from and the state you found the puppy in. If the veterinarian considers that is not convenient to take the puppy directly home because, for example, there is a risk of contagion, follow his advice and wait a few days. After having waited for a couple of days, the veterinarian will be able to determine if it is safe for the puppy to go to your house.

When puppies (or adult dogs) have never had an owner before, they quickly become part of the family and develop a great love for the ones who have "rescued" them from solitude. In fact, these kinds of dogs are usually more faithful to their masters than puppies acquired from a breeder. Nevertheless with these dogs it's difficult to know what genetic predisposition they have as their real parents are not known. For this reason, if you choose a full bred dog, for example a collie, you will know that the animal will be kind and intelligent. The descendants of your collie will also have the same traits, and so will their descendants, as long as the breeding is done with another collie. This, however is not the case when you cross breeds. Therefore, it is not advisable to negligently cross breeds.

It is impossible for us to recommend a specific breed if you're still indecisive; neither can we blindly tell you to go to a protection society. It all depends on your determination of having a dog, but if you want the dog basically to accompany you at home and you don't have a particular breed in mind, it is very commendable to turn to a protection society and save the life of one of the dogs.

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