Let's Be Proud Of Our Half Breed Dogs

The first handicap of the bastard dog is precisely the name, which is such a disparaging title. These dogs are called impure, half-breed, common, hybrid or bastard and they are all names that are part of the reality of our modern world. It is a sad and pathetic reality because bad luck can mean a life of hunger, unhappiness, without a shelter, roaming the streets, whereas good luck can mean a happy life with a master that loves him and care for him. It's very probable that the half-breed dog will have little prestige when presented to snobbish people because the dog hasn't cost a thing, in other words, the dog is worthless. How sad!

A full breed dog, on the other hand, is usually sold for a good sum of money, is considered important and is a subject of envy. But the people that aren't influenced by these superficial factors, evidently do not take into consideration the emotional and affective parts, and don't know how to understand the enormous satisfaction that the presence of any dog can bring, and by any dog I mean even the ugliest of dogs. And when people use the word "ugly" to describe a dog, they only do so because they are blinded by the parameters imposed by society, and they don't see beyond that; they don't notice the expressive eyes of the animal and all the other features that can be discovered in one of these half-breed dogs. That should be your priority: happiness; not social satisfaction.

Therefore, all of you out there who are giving your love to a half-breed dog are most probably very satisfied. You're probably proud of owning a living being whose best qualities will always be gratefulness, loyalty and love.

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