Manchester Terrier Breed Origins and Caracteristics

The origin of this breed is found in the old English breeds: the black, tan brokenhaired terrier and white terrier. No doubt it is one of the first terrier breeds selected for breeding. It is being raised since the 16th century but it reached its high in the last century when it was a need for exterminating rats from warehouses, deposits, port buildings. In this time, competitions were organized, wining the dog that killed more rats in a determined period of time. Thanks to the breeder John Hulme that crossed the Manchester with the whippet, the speed and disposition of the breed increased. Later, the popularity of this dog declined in England. A little after the beginning of the Second World War the Manchester had practically disappeared; there were only 11 specimens left that could be considered a pure blood. But some experts worked on saving this typical breed that contributed indeed with the creation of all the terrier breeds so that after 1952, the bases for its breeding were guaranteed again.

The Manchester terrier is an excellent companion and guardian. Its short, thick and bright hair does not need any special care.

By 1850 the toy terrier was born, a miniature breed selected from the Italian greyhound. Apart from its height, it is different especially from the Manchester terrier because of its straight and V-shaped ears. It is a good guardian that only serves its master.

Manchester Terrier (1). Size: 30-40 cm. Weight: 4-8 kg. Colors: black with dark mahogany highlights on the internal part of the limbs, the chest and the head. The penciling is very important: the dog must have a black line on each toe and one patch on the front part of the leg from the toes.

In its origins, the Manchester Terrier had their ears cut (2). When at the end of the last century, the English kennel Club prohibited this practice, the dogs with high ears and tips reclined forward started to appear. But in some countries, the practice of cutting this breed ears continued to be practiced.

toy Terrier (3). Size: 25-30 cm if it is possible within the lower limit. Weight: 2.5-3 kg. The color is the same as the Manchester terrier.

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