Marking The Territory With Urine

This is a typical conduct of male adult dogs. Nevertheless, a young dog can also do it, in the same way that some female dogs do (generally during heat).

It is usually short urination in particular places. The smell of urine of another male dog triggers this conduct.

Anyway, you have to differentiate this normal conduct from:

  • Organic problems like diseases that can trigger alterations in the amount of urine or urination, or urinary incontinence.
  • Problems without organic causes.
  • Lack of education (very common cause)
  • Loss of education, especially in older dogs. It is sometimes associated with other problems like incontinence, locomotive alterations, etc.
  • Anxiety due to separation.
  • Phobias.
  • Extreme submission. In this case you must never punish as it could work to your disadvantage.

There are various treatment possibilities

  • Castration has an effectiveness of 60-70%.
  • Pharmacologic treatment with progesterone (this has both pros and cons).
  • Pharmacologic treatment with anxiolytics (not usually effective)
  • Placing food (if possible) in the places where the dog usually marks his territory.

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