Obesity In Dogs

The problem of obesity in dogs affects approximately 30% of all the dogs in the world, which tend to weigh more than 20% of their optimal weight.

The treatment of obesity in dogs, as long as there is no pathological cause, should be based on controlling the diet. In order to do this, there are countless ways and methods. However, one of the main causes of a year in the treatments against obesity is that many people don't stick to the diet that the veterinarian nutritionist has recommended.

It has been observed in the dogs that are submitted to stricter diets with the objective of the losing weight in the shortest time possible had a greater tendency of recuperating the overweight than those dogs whose diets were less strict (in other words, losing the same amount of weight but in a longer period of time).

Based on his experience, I recommend you take the longer road. But in order to do this, you and all your family have to be aware of the importance of the diets and you have to make sure that you go through with it.

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