Providing Your Dog With A Happy Old Age

Let's say you found your beloved dog in a dog pound or may be on the street. He was in search for a loving master, and you were there to fill the need. And he accepted you gladly. For the last couple of years you have shared moments of happiness and joy with your dog, who in turn has been extremely faithful and thankful.

But now your friend is starting to get old; you'll have to pay more attention and to dedicate more time to your dog than when he was younger and stronger. A dog's life is brief. In general terms, a dog lives around 12 or 13 years and it rarely reaches the age of 15 although there are some breeds (like the fox terrier type) that have reached 20. Let's hope your dog lives many years. Dogs reach their prime when they are in between three and five years old. In that moment they are completely developed and their strength and intelligence are at their best moments. After that, around seven or eight years of age, starts the decline. At that age dogs start to look for tranquility and sleep more. During winter they preferred to stay in a corner of the house protected from the cold and they start losing the resistance and aggressiveness of their youth. Later, their fur starts to turn gray, they get fat, their vision and hearing start to weaken, their functions lose regularity and they are affected by many of the same diseases or afflictions that humans go through at old age. That is another factor that helps dogs relate to humans.

So that your dog can have a healthy old age, it is necessary for you to have taken care of him throughout his youth. Your dog has to have enjoyed a lot of sunlight, fresh air, healthy food, constant medical examinations and regular cleaning. So that you are old dog can stay in shape, besides the regular meals and organized lifestyle, with alternated walks and rests, it will be necessary to make sure that he doesn't eat too much. Also, as we have mentioned before, your dogs resistance to diseases won't be as strong; therefore, if your dog has been out in the rain, when you bring him inside to your house, you have to dry him really well. You dog must still do exercise but nothing that demands a lot of physical effort.

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