Rheumatism, Your Dog's Enemy

A disease that frequently attacks half-breed dogs, due to the fact that they are out in the open a lot, is rheumatism. Although it has an infectious origin, a cooling can determine its appearance. When the pains start to appear the dog begins to move around with difficulty, he limps and has swollen articulations. In general, the course of the disease is acute and can be resolved in about a week, if there are no relapses. The chronic form, which is less painful, is long and annoying. It usually appears during winter. The treatment is localized and must be supervised by a veterinarian.

A dog that lives in the open can also be affected by respiratory diseases. A cooling provoked by a gust of wind, a quick change of temperature, humidity or rain, can all cause, at least, a cold, which is manifested by sneezing, nasal secretion, and irritation of the nasal mucous membranes.

Because of this, the dog scratches his nose all over the place and besides doesn't want to eat. This bothersome feeling disappears after a few days. It is necessary to keep your dog in a warm place and, above all else, away from any air current. A dog can also suffer from tonsillitis. In this case, the animal has difficulties swallowing and sometimes vomits. Tonsillitis can be treated with pediatric bismuth suppositories.

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