Shepherd Type

The shepherds that you see walking by with their flocks generally have mutt or half-breed dogs. They use the so-called "watch dogs" which they could easily breed pure and specialized specimen, which would cost the same and would be more effective and useful. Anyway, the freedom that the shepherds give their dogs, pure-breed or not, leads to inevitable crosses with other dogs when they're off chasing sheep. However, there are two kinds of shepherd dogs that appear with more frequency in the world of field dogs: the ones that descend from the German Shepherd (vulgarly called wolf or police dogs) and the ones that descend from the Bergamo shepherd (they've got curly hair all over the body).

The German Shepherd type is also very common in the city as many wrongly-informed crossbreed their dogs, believing that they're pure (but are actually not) which, frequently, flourish defects that in future generations degenerate into bastards. In any case, the shepherd has grey, yellowish grey or blackish grey furring. They have a rectangular trunk; their ears are not always standing. Also, they have the typical stout of the wolf dog, although with a slight irregularity, straight back and a different stature than standard. But more often than not, they conserve the excellent qualities which were morally dominant in their ancestors: brave, easy to train, faithful and intelligent and, as a consequence, assumes the responsibility and functions of a watch dog, of a friend and defender.

The other kind of shepherd that frequently appears amongst the mutt dogs is the Bergamo. In first place, the dog shows a wooly fur which is quite tangled and thick and behind, warm and friendly eyes. These dogs are medium height and are easy to train for animal and object keeping. Besides, and in spite of their apparently rough appearance, they are patient, affectionate, sincere and resistant to work and open air.

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