Sick Dog

The life with a dog does not only involve allergies. A behavior modification, an increase of temperature, respiratory difficulties, pulse acceleration, diarrhea or constipation, crying eyes, a painful reaction when padding the area, these indicate that the dog is sick. The fastest and safest way is to get help is calling a veterinarian and consult him or her.

The dog owner can not make a diagnosis on his or her own except a few diseases, mainly the ones caused by external parasites (flees, lice, nits) or internal (ascarides and taenias). In this last case, you can find whole or pieces of this parasite in the excrements. If you lack of experience, consult a veterinarian.

You must have special care with viral diseases; they are normally called youth diseases or Carré diseases. They are a group of diseases that appear three or seven days after the infection, the symptoms are depression, loss of appetite, variations of temperature, redness of the mucus as well as secretion in the eyes and nose. The pulse gets accelerated; the animal breathes with difficulty and coughs. Many animals get nervous problems, skin conditions, etc. The Carré disease affects especially young dogs until they are two years old. In most cases, it leaves permanent or long-term effects, even in already cured animals.

Another dangerous disease is the infectious hepatitis, also known as Rubarth disease. It happens mainly in two or three month old dogs. The symptoms of this disease are not very specific and they are similar to the symptoms of Carré disease.

Since 1977-1978, a new viral disease is known: the parvovirosis. It is clinically manifested with frequent vomiting followed by diarrhea. This disease can affect dogs of all classes, but puppies are the ones that are at higher risk.

There are effective vaccines against all the aforementioned diseases. Be always careful with the age the puppies are vaccinated and when the reminding dose should be repeated.

The rabies is a mortal viral disease. It is transmitted by the saliva of an infected animal through a bite. In Spain it is obligatory an annual vaccination.

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