Sloughi or Arab Greyhound

The villages of Asia and North of Africa have been using greyhounds since remote times, to hunt in the steppes and semi-dessert like regions. With the course of the years, greyhounds of different size and fur were born, so they were classified in different breeds. But even within the same breed, we find different varieties according to its origin and usage.

North of Africa and the peninsula of the Sinai are the places of origin of Sloughi. The Arabs paid attention to the care of these greyhounds. When the dogs were one year old they hunted hares, when they were two years old they hunted gazelles and when they were three, they hunted large antelopes. Towards the end of the 19th century, the Sloughi appeared in Europe, first in the Netherlands and later in France.

On January 1st 1981, the FCI recognized the Azawakh as an autonomous breed. Its named after an oasis. Until that time, the Sloughi was not differentiated.

The Saluki or Persian greyhound comes from Western Asia, Turkey to Iran and Saudi Arabia, passing by Syria. It is still used to hunt hares, gazelles and jackals. In greater distances, the saluki is transported on a horse saddles or dromedaries and only when the piece is at sight it jumps out at its master command and it chases it until death. It was introduced in England at the beginning of the 19th century. The first salukis appeared in a greyhound track in 1927. Two of the six dogs that raced got an unexpected success and the breed started to propagate in Europe.

Sloughi (1). Size: 60-70 cm, ideally: sandy or yellowish red in all the tonalities with or without a dark mask, sometimes with a darker coat.

Azawakh. Size: 70 cm approximately. Weight: 30 kg approximately. Colors: sandy or yellowish red or red with a dark mask. Many specimens are straw-colored and have white patches on the head, the chest and the tip of the tail. The Azawakh (3) is different especially from the Sloughi (4) because of its posture, the line of the back and some less marked distinctive characteristics.

Saluki. Size: male 58-71 cm; female 54-66 cm. Weight: 14-25 kg. Colors: white, cream, tawny (2), golden yellow, gray, black with yellow patches or a combination of the aforementioned colors.

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