Small Italian Greyhound

This is the smallest greyhound. Its name is Italian (Piccolo Levriero Italiano), but it may probably come from the North of Africa where it is bred since always. It is said that the Queen Cleopatra owned this type of greyhound. They propagated in the Mediterranean Basin especially at the beginning of the Medieval Age. They were raised to hunt hares and they were also the favorite of the patricians. Therefore, two different types developed: the labor dogs that were bigger and the luxury dogs that were smaller and more delicate. The King Charles I took it from France to England and it expanded rapidly in all Europe. Frederick II the Great had in Postdam a pack of small Italian greyhounds and following his example, its breeding was introduced in the other courts. This kind of dogs is one of the most represented in portraits of aristocrats. The English breeders were the ones that gave this breed its current aspect.

Nowadays, the small Italian greyhound is not used for hare, rat or mice hunting but with appropriate training and with the adequate teaching, they can run in competitions, they are kind and sensitive. At present, they are used especially as pet dogs because they are intelligent and sociable.

Size: 32-35 cm. Weight: depending on the category, only up to 4.5 kg or from 4.5 kg. (Generally 5 kg). In the exhibitions a small dog without defects is preferred to a bigger dog; but a bigger dog and perfect will be preferred to a smaller dog with defects. Colors: one-color black (2), chalkboard gray (3) or whitish yellow in all its ranges (1); white on the chest and legs is accepted, but it is not desirable. Black and tan is a reason for elimination. The hair is short and velvety, the skin is fine and delicate. The nose is always black; the eyes are dark brown. The nails are a bit lighter or darker according to the color of the skin. The greyhound has a characteristic way of walking. It gives little steps lifting the legs, this reminds us to the carthorses of the simones or pace horse of classic horse-riding.

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