Some Negative Attitudes In Dogs

Dominant Aggressiveness Towards People
Here we're talking about a dog whose aggressiveness is due to the fact that he feels superior to the human, and sees the human like a subordinate.

This is the most common form of aggressiveness and is generally manifested in concrete situations like: when touching or taking the food or one of his objects, when bothering him or punishing him, when looking directly into his eyes (visual contact), etc.

The cause of the appearance of aggressiveness can be:
The dog seeks dominance in a hierarchy.

  • During the stage of socialization, and due to situations of competition between man and dog, is when such hierarchy is established.
  • There are genetic and hormonal factors.

But we must differentiate that from other forms of aggressiveness:

  • Aggressiveness due to an organic cause: maybe due to pain, epilepsy, hydrocephalic, hypothyroidism, etc.
  • Aggressiveness as an act of defense or due to fear: the dog will adopt a typical posture, which is the tail between the legs and the ears to the back.
  • Maternal aggressiveness: if the dog has puppies or is going through a false pregnancy.
  • Redirected aggressiveness: an example would be when the dog's owner tries to separate him from another dog in the middle of a fight.
  • Territorial aggressiveness: this kind of aggressiveness is only directed towards strangers that are threatening the dog's territory.

Possible treatments
If it is a male dog, castration can help diminish the aggressiveness. But if it is a female dog, sterilization is not advisable.

In this case it necessary to invert the relation of dominance between the man and dog. The person itself will have to make a negative reinforcement of the aggressive conduct.

Punishing the dog can be dangerous because it can lead to more aggressiveness. If there's no other option but punishment, use a medical treatment or a special collar for distance punishment.

You have to establish a relation of dominance over your dog, especially during the stage of socialization.

You also have to train the dog to be obedient.

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