Street Accidents

Dogs, especially if they are street dogs, or a dog that is allowed to run around without restrictions, can suffer all kinds of accidents, among which you can include poisoning.

Poisoning occurs, as is known, when toxic substances are ingested. It could be a poison pill for mice or rats or a poisoned food, the kind that are maliciously thrown into a property in order to enter or just to be mean.

The signs of poisoning can appear suddenly and with different symptoms. Generally, the dog becomes insatiably thirsty, has vomits, diarrheas, vertigo, fury, cramps and his stout gets really hot. The situation becomes dramatic.

The toxic substances can be many, that's why the treatment that the veterinarian will indicate is different for each case. There is, in any case, a generic treatment that you have to apply as soon as you realize any symptom of poisoning. You have to make the dog vomit, obligating him to swallow a lot of warm water with beaten egg white. After the dog has emptied his stomach, you have to immediately take him to the veterinarian, who will apply some injections to try to save your animal's liver from the eventual damages that the poison could cause.

Continuing with the topic of poisoning, you have to bear in mind that you cannot give you dog any medicine that contains strychnine. Dogs are very sensitive to this drug and a small quantity can cause their death. There are many medications that are good for humans but are not tolerated by dogs. Therefore, you must never administer any medicine that hasn't been prescribed by the veterinarian.

Besides poisoning, there are other dangers that are lurking on the street. It is, sad to say, quite common to see a dog that has been run over by a car. This is because for most people it is easier to simply bump into the dog than to try to avoid the impact. The stray dog is a common victim.

If you ever happen to run over a dog, and the dog hasn't died, you should call the veterinarian as soon as possible so that she can recognize the injuries. Meanwhile you wait for the veterinarian to arrive, you have to keep the dog in a calm place and calm it with a soft reassuring voice. In general, you'll have to wait about 3 days to know what the situation with the dog will be. Remember, then, that you mustn't let your dog run out of your house freely. The animal could suffer serious injuries or could cause traffic problems or maybe even make a person suffer an accident. That's why, it's not only useful, but also indispensable fro the dog to learn to always walk close to his master. It's not difficult to teach this: all you need is patience and time.

In young dogs, minor fractures cure quickly and easily, but it is always necessary to immobilize the leg with a cast. The spinal fractures, on the other hand, are really painful and very difficult to treat and cure.

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