Teach your puppy where to defecates or urinate.

Teach your puppy where to eliminate by awarding a prize (either food or a lot of affection) as soon as he finishes.

  • Follow the same route towards the same spot (in the fresh air). The smell and place can help stimulate future elimination in the right spot.
  • Wait for the signals before the elimination such as the sniffing, going around in circles and, when observed, take the puppy to the adequate spot immediately.
  • Whenever you cannot keep a close eye on the puppy, you must lock him up.
  • At first, you must take the puppy out to the fresh air with a lot of frequency and especially after meals. If the dog is no longer a puppy, another method consists of taking the puppy out and not returning until the dog has eliminated. If you have to return home without the puppy having eliminated, you must keep a close eye on the dog and at the slightest indication of the indicating signals, take him out again.
  • The only punishment you should apply is a mild yet comforting verbal repression when the puppy (or dog) has eliminated in the wrong place. Avoid all physical punishment as you might make the dog learn that: "not to do it in front of my master, or else, but yes when he's not around".
  • Any area in the house where the puppy has eliminated must be perfectly cleaned. Try to neutralize the odor. The dog must understand that he will be prized when he eliminates outside the house.
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