Taking Care Of A Half-Breed Dog's Paws

Who knows how far and how long your new half-breed dog has walked before you made the decision to adopt him. But, from now on, the dog's paws must be well taken care of with frequent cleanings. After being bathed, maybe, or during a halt in a game, you have to find a moment in which you can periodically control the state of the paws.

During summer, for example, a lot of inflammations in the soles occur, making it hared for the dog to move around.

When the inflammation is mild, all you'll need to do is wash it with a little soap and water but in more extreme case it is advisable to proceed with the already traditional cure of alcohol compress. You get a big piece of cotton, soak it in alcohol and apply it on the sole of the paw. The compress is effective if kept there for at least half an hour. Therefore, it is necessary for the dog to lie down and for someone to keep him that way for the necessary time.

If little abscesses form, it is necessary to go to the veterinarian. Another problem: bursitis. It could be an inflammation, which is quite common in the knees and elbows. As always, you need to go to the veterinarian to clear any doubts.

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