The Dog's Desire To Have A Master

There are all kinds of dogs, of different shapes, different kinds of fur, different characters, small, big, pretty, some less pretty, skinny, fat, white, brown, multi-colored, spotted, straight-haired, curly-haired, with no hair, etc. But, in general, they are all gifted with a fabulous and out-of-proportion tail, and with a look that inspires confidence and the desire to have a master.

If that dog becomes a happy dog, he will also become a beautiful dog, full of life and health. Only hunger and beatings can make a dog go around life like a beggar.

It is quite certain that there are no two dogs alike, in the same way that there are no to humans that look alike. There are only similar dogs. Within the enormous possibilities of reproduction, there can be a cross between too pure breeds, but from different breeds, or in between one pure breed and one have breed, or, as is more frequent, and between to have grease or in between dogs that have dozens of generations without a single drop of noble blood.

Although, as we have already mentioned, there are dogs of different shapes, sizes and colors, it is almost always possible to determine the dominant breed in these heterogeneous & specimen or place your dog in a plausible category. Whoever possesses a half-breed or mutt dog can, therefore, with a minimum knowledge of dogs, determine which breed the dog proceeds from.

If is evident that mutt dogs have received more influences from the most popular breeds throughout the ages. In the 1920s, when the lulu was in style, derived from that kind of dog and the same thing can be said about the poodle in the 1940s. In general terms, the fox-terriers, the dachshunds, the boxers, the pinschers, the poodles, the lulu type dogs, the shepherd dogs and the hunting dogs, because of their popularity, are the ones that have influenced the most on the average mutt dog.

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